How You Can Help

There are many ways to help Papaloko4Kids and its programs.

1. BECOME A MEMBER. Your membership contribution will be used to fund the activities of Papaloko4Kids. In addition, you’ll receive updates on all the events and workshops organized

2. MAKE A MONETARY DONATION. You can contribute with a monetary donation directly to the organization by simply sending a check payable to Papaloko4Kids Inc. or using PayPal. Remember, since Papaloko4Kids is a non-profit corporation, every donation made to the organization is tax-deductible. With the donation you will receive a receipt to be used for this purpose.


3. BRING SUPPLIES. Many are the items and supplies necessary for the activities of the organization. We need art supplies such as brushes, paint, canvases, crayons, pencils, etc. We also need musical instruments, drums, percussions. So, if you are able to provide any of these items, please contact us. A receipt for tax-deduction purposes will be provided.

4. VOLUNTEER. Are you passionate about working with kids? We need responsible and capable volunteers to carry on the activities of the organization and assist during the classes. We need art, dance and music teachers that are willing to dedicate a little bit of their time to teach their skills to the kids. We also need volunteers to help organizing fundraiser events and promoting the mission of Papaloko4Kids. Contact us if you would like to be part of the family.

For further information contact us at:

Papaloko4Kids Inc.

2703 NW 2nd Ave – Miami, FL 33127

Tel. 786.312.5947


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